February 17, 2014

Ordinary Security Locks and High Security Locks

Locks and their level of security are very important. In any house, we normally feel secure as long as everything is locked; locks make us feel safe and protected from burglars. Of course locks do help with the security of any place, but they are not completely unbreakable. If they were, there would not be as many break-ins as there are today. And it is because of this reason that we must understand the difference between ordinary security and high security locks.

Ordinary security locks are easy to pick open and very easy to drill, too. It is important to understand that a business cannot use residential door hardware if it wants to be protected against theft. While you may not see the difference between commercial and residential locks or why they should be different, the truth is that the use we give to them are far from similar. Residential hardware is used for homes where there aren’t hundreds of people coming in and out all day. Commercial locks get a lot of wear and tear which is why they have to be specially made for commercial purposes. You can contact a commercial locksmith so he can advise you on the safest locks to keep your business protected. 

Most people don’t know that locks come in three different grades:
·         Grade 1: Commercial – Industrial
·         Grade 2: Heavy Duty Residential/ Light Duty Commercial
·         Grade 3: Residential Only/ Consumer Expendable

If you are getting new locks for your home or business you should ask the locksmith you hired about the different grades to guarantee that he is using the appropriate one. There are high security cylinders that are very hard to pick or even drill! Of course they are going to be kind of pricey but they are totally worth it, especially if you are going to use it for a warehouse with a lot of inventory or any commercial building. Security comes first so contact a commercial locksmith today!