April 8, 2014

The ignition key

For as long as I can remember, people have hired locksmiths with the sole purpose of unlocking the door of their cars; seldom will you hear of folks losing the ignition key. The reason for this disparity is because most times the door key is the same as the ignition key however, in some cases especially with old vehicles or too modern vehicles, you either use a different key to open your door and another one to turn your car on or in the case of modern vehicles, you use a remote device to open doors sometimes even by inputting a code on a door pad.

You may have seen in movies how burglars play with the wires just below the steering wheel to turn a car on, I personally have no idea how they do it or where those cables come from but it is without question something you can do and perhaps the easiest part of having your car stolen (from the burglars’ perspective). In case you have a key for your door and another for your engine, it is important to know that locksmiths have the tools and expertise to create a key from evaluating the patterns of the shaft and replicating it on a generic key.

Once you get that key from them, I would highly advise you to ask the locksmith to make you a copy; this is usually a lot more affordable than having a new key created. Make sure to put your spare key set in a safe location that you can remember whenever an emergency happens. Another useful advice is to look up a local locksmith’s number and store it in your contacts because you really never know when you, your family or friends will be in a position to need a locksmith and you definitely want to be prepared for that.