April 19, 2014

The Funniest Locks

People always get creative with their personal belongings. If you are still a young adult, chances are you are part of the aforementioned characterization. When I was growing up, especially in elementary and high school I saw the craziest and funniest locks you could ever imagine. The toy industry was an important producer of these security pieces. My friends always had Disney theme locks for their backpacks while I personally only used generic ones. I considered them to be far more durable and frankly a lot better for what I needed which was locking up my belongings, all the other types seemed purely decorative.

Perhaps the best example of ‘’cute’’ non-functional locks was the one that came with my little sister’s journal which she got as a present on her 10th birthday. Virtually every other journal or diary made by the same manufacturer came with the same lock which was a curvy 2 inch little thing that was supposed to protect all of my sister’s secrets. I of course could not resist myself and promptly used one of those keys (later I learned that you could use a random kitchen knife to open them) so I used the key and opened it. I realized she didn’t think as highly of me as I thought. 

Now as an adult (and past the trauma of my sister thinking little of me) I realize the importance of unique, durable and strong locks especially if they are for your gate. We are not protecting books and pencils anymore but the physical integrity of the family unit, our hard-earned belongings and much more. Always think about whats at stake whenever you are about to buy a lock. You should not haggle over their price, for what they protect is priceless. Also, make sure the lock you end up buying comes with at least an extra key and put it away somewhere safe where you and those concerned will know about.