June 19, 2014

House Sitting

I was house-sitting for my sister who had gone away on a long business trip of 2 weeks to Hawaii. Can you imagine that? Her company sent her out to Hawaii to train a group of people for two weeks, all expenses paid, of course. Gosh! I wanted her job. I have my own online business and I am doing well with it but there are a few things here and there that chained me to Baltimore and I can’t easily take a trip anywhere unless someone else covers for me. Luckily for my sister someone can cover for her, at least taking care of her house, when she is gone. I went grocery shopping on the third day and realized I had left the keys inside the house. I looked for a residential locksmith service in Baltimore right away.

How could I forget to take the keys? I think the problem started when I had accustomed myself to a little ritual for every time I get in or out of my house and the car. You see, I have trained myself to always double check I have my keys when I come out of my house or my car. What happened that instance is that I did follow my “double-check ritual” but I had my own house keys in hand when I checked instead of my sister’s. My brain played a trick on me!

Luckily the locksmith service guys arrived quickly and were able to aid me. I did not of course tell my sister as to not worry her. She was having a great time in Hawaii and I did not want to spoil it for her. She even said she met someone interesting at her company’s Hawaiian offices. When she came back, they continued talking over the phone and online. So much change can happen in period of time as short as two weeks, isn’t it? I had to take a picture of the house lockout for future laughs! (See below)