March 3, 2014

My Worst Mistake Last Year

2013 was a very good year. I may be a little selfish in making that assertion but I am speaking on a personal perspective here, if yours wasn’t so good, I hope 2014 compensates.
Last year I had a lot of good things going for myself but the most important achievement of that special year was a job interview I had with a corporation I had sought for years; the position finally vacated and I had prepared myself extremely well for it, nothing could go wrong, except… could it?

I thought not, fate would prove otherwise. You know how before a major moment comes around you get all clumsy and nervous? Well, I experienced that on that morning, I went to my garage to get on my car and drive off to the corporation (let’s call it P&G), when I’m in my car, keys inserted in the slot and all, I realize I didn’t have my briefcase! I get out, go upstairs and get it. When I walk back down to jump back in the car, I’m locked out! Oh… yes, the all so developed alarm system locked my car after 3 minutes. Pandemonium! My phone was inside below the radio and I had just disconnected my landline because, well… It was a landline! I had no means to contact a locksmith. Car lockout was the last variable I could have pictured happening and I’m a very numeric girl.

I could only think about how I could have walked over, taken a taxi or… wait, it was 20 miles away and no
taxies are around in my Baltimore neighborhood. Jesus, I felt so helpless, so stupid. When I contacted a locksmith with a phone that I borrowed (2 hours later), I managed to unlock my car, drive over and discover that not only was the recruiter absolutely furious but that the position had already been awarded to the ‘’would be runner up’’. It’s funny how what I considered being little things like having a locksmith on my emergency contacts list or a landline and even a spare set of keys all colluded to prevent a major thing from happening. To this day I cannot explain what happened to me that day, I’ll just attribute it to fate since now I have a better job than the one I would have had at P&G, this time there was no need for a car lockout or locksmith and I’m making a little more money than what I would have made with them.

Word of advice, don’t underestimate the importance of a locksmith! You never know when you’ll need one!