May 27, 2014

What to Do when Your Car won't Start

You’re running out the door late for work and you jump in your car.  But for some reason, no matter how hard you turn the key, the ignition won’t start.  What do you do now?  First of all, don’t panic.  Your best option is to call an auto locksmith and ask for ignition key service.

Most people have the number of a standard locksmith on hand, but did you know that there are locksmiths that specialize in auto services?  Your car is a very precise and delicate machine, and I’m sure you wouldn’t want just anybody messing with it.  Auto locksmiths are trained to deal with the ignitions of all car brands and have mechanic experience as well.

Auto locksmiths know that there are many reasons your car might not start.  It could be a battery issue, an engine problem, or a faulty ignition.  Whereas other locksmiths might just perform a costly ignition replacement without revealing the cause of the problem, auto locksmiths can diagnose the issue quickly and accurately, saving you a ton of money.

 If my ignition didn’t turn over, my first instinct might be to have my car towed to the dealer or call a mechanic.  But you could end up wasting money and time this way.  How many dealerships or mechanics do you know that are open 24/7 and will come to you?  Auto locksmiths are used to receiving emergency calls at all hours and can arrive to your location within minutes.

Hopefully, you keep your car well-maintained and will never have to experience the frustration of car ignition problems.  But you never know what kind of unexpected issues could occur.  Being knowledgeable about auto locksmiths and ignition key service will protect you and your wallet in case of an emergency.  I recommend keeping an auto locksmith’s business card on hand at all times.